2021 Spring Recital


Our 5th annual Spring Recital is under way

Saturday, June 12th 

Willis D. Tucker Amphitheater - 6705 Puget Park Dr - Snohomish

Show 1 ~ 4:00pm-5:30pm

Show 2 ~7:00-8:30pm

*Tickets required

*Seating is FCFS festival seating. Bring your own chairs.

Important Dates: 

May 1st - Tickets go on Sale

June 1-2 - Class Picture Days

June 5-11 - Dress Rehearsal in class

June 12th - Recital

Showtime is 4:00pm and 7:00pm

Parking will be limited so we suggest you carpool and plan to get to the venue early to allow for parking and walking to the Amphitheatre location. You also have to walk a ways to get to the stage area so please plan accordingly. See our Site Map


Tickets: You will need to purchase a ticket for this event. Dancers do not need a ticket, and neither do children under the age of 2. These tickets sales help us to pay for the venue, teachers and all rentals to put on a spectacular show. Purchase tickets


Seating: This is an outdoor area, and seating is first come first serve. However we will have designated areas for the type of seating you choose to bring. Towards the front is blanket seating, followed by low chair seating, then high chair seating and in the back is people who choose to bring tents and covered areas. Seating Guide


Food: We will be having 2 food trucks at our event and we hope you take advantage. There will be a BBQ and a Mini Doughnut Truck available for both shows. On top of this you are allowed to bring your own food and drink to our event.


Weather: The show WILL GO ON even in the event of rain. The stage and dressing rooms are covered, but the audience seating is not. Should this be the case covered tents will still be allowed, and umbrellas will be allowed for all zone seating.


Dancers: Please arrive about 30 minutes prior to the show start time to get your self set up. Arrive in your first costume with hair and make-up done for your first routine. You may sit with your families while you wait to perform and when you are done. About 5 numbers before your performance please go backstage completely ready to perform (behind the stage). You will line up with your class and stay there until you perform on the stage. When you are done with your performance you will go back to sit with your parents to watch the remainder of the show. *Dancers in more routines will go to the dressing room and change for their next routine.


Masks: For the safety of all we will be requiring masks at this event. All Audience members must wear a mask at all times. You may take this off temporarily to eat and drink, but please be diligent and put your mask back as soon as possible. Dancers are to wear masks at all times while not on the stage. Dances are about 2-3 minutes in length and dancers can remove masks for that time only while on the main stage. If you wish to leave your mask on while on the stage that is fine to and completely up to you. When your performance is done exit the stage and put your mask back on. Masks must also be worn in the dressing rooms at all times.  We understand that everyone has different opinions and feelings about this topic, but please be respectful as we try to maintain a safe environment and follow the rules set forth by our state.